Seahawk Soccer (MD)



If you have a youth team needing specialized training, why not create your own personalized camp.  We will communicate in a professional manner with every player, parent, coach and design a custom program to improve the specific needs of the team.

Dates & Location TBD

Ten Hour Camp: $1200
Twenty Hour Camp: $2000

Here is what makes our team training unique:

  • We take time to coach the coaches, provide a detailed description of all activities, and help them incorporate the training lessons into future training sessions.
  • We teach proper techniques and simple tactics, and show the players when and where to use them in a match.
  • We create a professional training attitude in the players.  It is a game and the training will be filled with engaging, exciting activities.
  • We instill a passion to strive for excellence.  Players will be motivated to practice on their own.
  • We have the ability to communicate well with parents and encourage them to observe the lessons.




TEN HOUR CAMP:  $1200.00 plus any field rental costs if doing winter training

TWENTY HOUR CAMP:  $2000.00 plus any field rental cost if doing winter training